Request A Review - Services & Products

UPickReviews have extensive resources to provide reviews upon request. We take all requests seriously and based on our resources and market needs we'll commit to your request as soon as possible. Please select from the type of request below. Publishers if you have your own prouduct or service and consumers if you just want something reviewed.


How It Works

When you submit a request here's what will happen

  • First we analyze the market by checking if the product or service is in demand.
  • We then start by analyzing potential direct competitors of the product or service requested.
  • A minimum of 3 competitors are needed to create our unique side-by-side comparison report
  • Once these 3 criteria's are met we'll send you an email informing you that we will schedule this request to be reviewed
  • You'll have to allow a couple of weeks for us to review the products and competitors as we will have a cue of request to attend to
  • When our review is completed you'll receive an email.